От 6$
Более 10 тыс. моделей
  • От 7$
    Более 30 тыс. моделей
  • От 7$
    Более 13 тыс. моделей
От 9$
Более 30 моделей
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    Более 2 тыс. моделей
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    Более 21 тыс. моделей



Our prices are lower

  • Than prices in local shops
  • Than prices at European sales
  • Than prices of our competitors


  • Our shop is situated in the very center of global manufacturing – in China
  • Discounts of our suppliers are your discounts
  • Work that is usually done by people for salary at other stores , is done by robots at our store

Size doesn't fit?

We will return money within 31 days.
  • No red-tape, just make a request from your personal account
  • Consideration of the complaint within 3 working days
  • Return of money within three working days after goods’ return to warehouse
  • Convenient compensation system

We can send a parcel to any city or town!

  • Our transport partners: ChinaPost, HK Post and EMS.
  • Reasonable delivery time- from 15 to 30 days
  • We gift our partner discounts for delivery
  • 24 hour parcel tracking


  • Pandabao is an authorized partner of PayPal, Wallet One and Webmoney
  • Yandex warrants – we can be trusted
  • Information about our company is on 24 hours open access at the site of tax authority
  • Customer’s recommendation is the best guarantee

Only we have

  • Return within 31 days
  • Convenient size and color selection
  • Quality description of goods with minimum amount of machine translation
  • Only best suppliers of clothes from China
  • More than 40 payment methods for customers from all over the world
  • The lowest prices and more than 20 000 of popular goods

Do you disagree? Please, give reasons for it: sales@pandabao.com

Pandabao — Chinese online clothing shop

We strive to provide you with not just a good service, but the very best service when buying clothes from China. You will be convinced of this by the time you begin choosing from our range of clothing.

Low prices

Due to the efficiency of all processes within our organization, we are able to offer you the very best prices.

All in stock

Our site is designed to show you only current and available stock.

Good Quality

All goods on offer are very popular within the domestic Chinese market. This fact insures that you will only be buying the highest quality goods available.

Online Chinese Store Pandabao will spice up your wardrobe

Many young people want to express their individuality by means of stylish clothes and fashion accessories. But how can they do it, when they see only expensive conventional models of blue jeans at local shops? The answer is simple — pandabao.com. We offer only the most interesting and cheap clothes from China.
It is not a secret that today China is a global manufacturing center of clothing. Even the most notable brands entrust manufacturing to China. Fierce competition and cheap labor power allow manufacturing high-quality clothing and footwear.

The main benefits of buying clothes from China are price (sure enough) and often originality. Just think that you can buy 10 interesting items of high quality at the price of 1 item at your local shopping center.

We realize that today it is hard to surprise someone only with a low price. That is why we offer unusual models of cheap clothing. Unconventional prints, bright colors, a bit odd models, stylish colored inlays, chaotically checkered prints and unusual floral prints — you can find them all at our online Chinese store.

And what about quality? Local factories have wonderful peculiarity — they can manufacture one and the same item at 10 yuan and at 100 yuan. Both items will look alike in appearance but quality of the first one will be equal to 10 yuan price and quality of the second one will be equal to 100 yuan price. That is when you shop in China you never overpaying. Often even goods of big-name brands cost less in China than in different countries. This is due to severe competition in the domestic market.

You will surely like our store:-)